Sou Tsian Organic Black Tea

90 g

Organic Tea
To drain and eliminate
30 teabags

Sou Tsian belongs to the famous Oolong family of teas
grown in Fujian, a high mountainous region in South China
with a hot and hazy climate. The leaves are picked whilst
still covered in the morning dew of spring and are dried
over a charcoal fire. A short oxidation gives the Sou Tsian
a lovely aroma and flavour of woody notes redolent of
chestnuts, hazelnuts and honey.

Sou Tsian helps reduce water retention, a precious ally
in the fight against cellulite.

The catechins found in Sou Tsian tea help to burn
calories quickly. Sou Tsian tea is therefore particularly
recommended as part of a weight loss program, to help
maintain a healthy weight.