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Maple Sugar Gourmet Suitcase 6 Varieties

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Châtelaine Magazine | January 2014



When pure maple syrup extra light meets the Tahitian bean,
the golden result has a delicate sweet vanilla taste.
Simply refined.

Bottle of 250 ml




   Les Idées de ma Maison | December 2013


Christmas Gift Guide 2013




   Véro Magazine | December 2013


Epicurean, globetrotter and flavors explorer...
Philippe Mollé worked with local producers to concoct
3 gourmet collections: wonderfully spiced maple sugars,
delicately flavored fleur de sel and exotic peppers of the
world. A journey for the taste buds!



   Elle Québec Magazine | December 2013


Maple Sugars

A chic and trendy six pack QUEBEC’S MAPLE SUGARS
Flavored to sprinkle over fruits, on yogurt or in cocktails.
Our favorite: Il neige dans ma tête, with yuzu, cinnamon
and cranberries.


   Le Must magazine | December 2013

Tributes to Quebec’s local products

Philippe Mollé, the gourmet globe-trotter, is offering
new high-end products by combining local talents
and worldwide treasures. Discover the collections of
fleur de sel, gourmet maple sugars and peppers of
the world. Still available, the flavored maple syrup
collection, a must to try !

  Signé M  | Louis-François Marcotte | December 2013

Maple Vinegar Pearls

The effervescence of pure maple syrup smoothly becoming
vinegar and bursting with flavor. Bringing out the woodsy
spices of the syrup with a fine and delicate touch of acidity.
Perfect with oysters, salads, smoked salmon, an omelet
or with raw fish, ceviche and all refined products needing
a hint of acidity.

   RICARDO | March 2013

Maple and Citrus

What a delight! This rendezvous between a local product,
maple syrup, and another from Japan, yuzu, this citrus similar
to mandarin. Resulting a quite flavorful maple syrup from I Sens,
delicious on ice cream, in a vinaigrette, on pancakes, etc.


 La Presse | March 23rd, 2013


logo lapresse

Maple in all its essences

Purists will surely be surprised with the idea of a yuzu flavored maple syrup, or a mandarin flavor, or lychee, or vanilla. But our little "Tasting Committee" was pleasantly conquered. It is Quebec distributor I Sens who produces this collection of flavored syrups, which combine Quebec local products with exotic ingredients. You can stick to the traditional uses (pancakes, waffles, yogurt, etc.) or innovate by pouring them in cocktails, marinades, smoothies or custards, salad dressings, etc. isens.ca



Show - Nothing else but Saturday |February 2013

On air on Radio-Canada FM 95.1

Live from Clermont-Ferrand in France: "The highlight of the show was not a movie but the maple syrup, delicately flavored with lychee, from Quebec producer I Sens. Served with a d'Auvergne bleu cheese, added Mr Coulombe, simply divine." isens.ca